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Friday, May 23, 2003

WHAT THE FUCK! You think you know a guy. I just found out that Player Three was a GAY! That's fucking SICK dude! What if he tried to rape one of us? You know, 'cause gaymos like sex.
Okay look, before you start emailing me and saying I'm a fuckin' homophobe or whatever let me make something clear... I just don't want the gays around me unless they are gay women. Lesbians are fucking hot.

I did have to murder P3 though... Hmm... If the cops ask me anything I'll just say The Matrix made me do it.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Today I turned 36. I didn't have a very happy birthday. My Mom was mad at me for not making my bed... I'm an adult, man! She shouldn't tell me what to do. After she gave me my Sunday bath we went downstairs and read the Bible. GOD DAMN! I wish I had the guts to tell her how I feel. You see, I don't believe in God. I am way too smart to believe in some "magical being" who looks after us. I don't want to make my mom angry so I just humor her.
Next she gets the cake. The thing tasted horrible! I asked her what the fuck was wrong with it (actually, I can't say fuck or she hits me.) She said it was fat-free and I needed to watch my weight. What the fuck? I'm not overweight! She insists that I need to lower my cholesterol so that I wont die before her. Oh BUUUULLshit. A guy had one heart-attack and suddenly you go and freak out. This is the kind of stuff I have to put up with!
I got a sweater and some fancy shoes for my birthday. She also bought me a suit and tie. She said I could use it in a job interview. A JOB INTERVIEW? WHERE? Fat Cat Corporate Joe's? I don't think so! I will never work for the man! I told her this and she said a place like that would never hire me.
...So on Monday I go to SEARS for my job interview. Wish me good luck.

Friday, May 16, 2003

I still like you...


Sweet fucking shit, you faggots got a Live Journal now? What're you gonna do, fill it with your worthless opinions and essays on why you can't get a date?
Oh hey, I guess I have control over this journal too.


wow, that was fun!

Thursday, May 15, 2003



No it isn't! Dammit, I hate this game because it's on the X-Box... why didn't we get it for the Dreamc- I mean the Gamec- Playstation 2.


Yeah man, I know. Our site is like, SUPER-AWESOME. It's awesome-rad to the MAX!

So this is our blog thing where we tell you shit we did. We just played the new Matrix game. It's hella-cool.


Hey dudes, this is my blog. Isn't it awesome? EVERYTHING IS AWESOME ABOUT OUR WEBSITE! Give me a hundred dollars.